Amazon Favorites

I pretty much buy almost everything on Amazon these days and I am guessing I am not the only one, amirite?

I have compiled a list of my favorite products I order from Amazon, many of them on the regular. Hit the IMAGE and order away!



Sqwencher Zero: These lovelies are how I stay hydrated all day, every day. About a year ago I learned a lesson the hard way. I was living in Arizona and it was the end of April. Temperatures were well into the 90s. I took Huck (my dog-love) out to use the restroom, then got in my hot car and drove to work. After arriving I could not seem to cool down. I was dizzy and feverish. Turns out I had heat exhaustion!!!

I didn’t understand how this could be because I stay “hydrated!” I mean, I’m one of the I-drink-a-gallon-of-water-a-day people. And I do! I learned that just drinking plenty of water is not enough when you are in the heat or being active. Our bodies also need electrolytes.

I learned about Sqwencher Zero from- wait for it – Instragram! Bet you didn’t see that coming. I follow a mobile IV company that will come to your home and hook you up to an IV if you are dehydrated, ill, an athlete or anything. They recommended this product.

Sqwencher Zero has zero calories and zero sugar. It comes in many flavors. I have enjoyed almost all of them. Orange is amazing!!! And the flavor I seem to always go to. But the grape is pretty good too. Best part: you get fifty of them for under $20!!!