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Sunday August 19 2007

Today Sister Clarke and I are up in Pine.  Sister Clarke is play How Great Thou Art on the violin in the Pine ward today.  I am so happy to be a missionary today.  I love coming up to Pine.  The drive is beautiful.  And the town of Pine is so cute!  I want my family to come up here after the mission to see this beautiful place and to meet the people.

Roger is here!  He came to church!  Oh my heart is full!  Please God, please let him enjoy church.  Please help him to feel the spirit!  Please help him to have a strong desire to continue to come to church.  I know you are working changes in his heart.  Please work miracles in this man’s life!  I know You want to bless him.  Please help him to recognize how You are blessing him for coming to church and keeping the commandments.  Please be with the speakers and teachers that they may say what you would have them say.  Thank you so much for Roger being here.  Roger is one of my favorite people.  Roger Buchanan is an artist.  Dad would love his art.  They could spend so much time talking about art.  I want dad to meet Roger.  Roger hasn’t been to church in 50 years…until today.  Roger likes to argue with us over the mission rules (like not going in his house or riding in his truck).  He gets mad and likes to test us.  Its ok though.  I love Roger.  I want him to be able to go through the temple.  He is such a special person.  He is in his 60s.  Roger talks about child abandonment A LOT.  He has some issues with that.  He is very strong-willed but he has a soft heart.  When Sister Clarke and I sing to Roger he cries.  I love this man.  You can see God working in this man.  It is so beautiful and wonderful.

Yesterday I met Sister Butler.  She finished her mission and is at BYU.  She spent a semester in the Jerusalem Center.  That would be so cool.  I would would love to do that- go to Israel.

I hope Roy went to church in Payson today!  I really hope so.  He needs it so much.

So Thursday we were up in Pine and we went to Debbie England’s home for dinner.  She lives deep down through the mountains.  You take a dirt road with a lot of pin needle turns to get there.  It was so beautiful and I was thinking about what kind of life I want.  And I had what I am going to call a vision or a dream.  It was of me and my husband driving in a vehicle, traveling in the setting sun, evening light.  And I was reading the Ensign.  We were feeling such peace.  We were looking at each other with love in our eyes.  It was so lovely.  Heavenly Father, help me to become the woman you want me to be and my husband the man you want him to be.  Please help me to marry the right man.  The one that I should.  The one you want me to.

Heavenly Father, I want to travel a lot.  I really, truly want to travel the world and experience all that you have created and all the different beautiful cultures of Thy children.  Is this a worthy desire? I want to make this happen in my life.  I want to marry a man with the same desires and real intent.


50 Years

I just read this beautiful blog post entitled The Real Truth about ‘Boring Men’ -and the Women who Live with Them: Redefining Boring.  It is all about what real romance and love looks like.  I loved loved loved it and know that every bit of it is true.  After reading it I got down on my knees and prayed to Heavenly Father.  I prayed that I would get 50 years with a ‘boring man.’  The older I get the less likely 50 years is possible.  Before long my prayer became pleading.  It is a righteous desire that may never come to pass in this mortal life of mine.   But then a thought came to me.  It is possible and sure that I can have 50 years with the most amazing man of them all.  And that man is Jesus Christ.  No matter who comes and stays or comes and goes He is lover of my soul.  “Real romance is sacrifice.”  Jesus Christ paid the ultimate sacrifice for me.  I love my Savior, my Redeemer.  He is the priesthood holder in my home.  He is ever faithful.  He is real.  Because my heart belongs to Him – He is mine.


Its December!



This Song:

Myself (see HERE)




What I like about me…

For almost two years I have had a list posted above my bed.  This list is entitled “What I like about myself…”  Until recently there have only been four things on the list.  My roommate finally became irritated over this so she took it upon herself to add to the list things that I should like about myself.  I am glad she did.  Thank you Liz.  I love you.  Here is the list:

  1. My crazy hair
  2. My green eyes
  3. My ability to be myself
  4. My growing testimony
  5. My ability to love people
  6. My creativity
  7. My appreciation of beauty
  8. My patience with children
  9. My ability to set and accomplish goals

10. My willingness and love of service

11. My sense of style

12. That I am loyal

13. My willingness to try new things

14. That I honor and remember the dead

15. My ability to celebrate life

16. My feet

17. My smile

18. My figure

19. My ability to empathize

20. That I am proactive about self-improvement

21. My sense of humor

22. My ability to share Christ’s love

23. My ability to see people as God’s children

24. My love of animals

25. My desire to improve

26. My ability to apply and understand the Gospel

27. My love of road trips and travel

28. My ability to stay in-touch with people

29. My courage in being vulnerable

30. That I will ask questions

31. My ability to dream

32. My ability to hope and believe

33. My ability to listen well

34. I am confident

35. I am a good friend

36. My love for children

37. I am a good cook

38. I am creative in serving others

39. I am diligent in accomplishing hard things

40. I am good at giving and receiving gifts

41. I try to be humble enough to accept help for others

42. I have a good sense of color

43. I have a good sense of right and wrong

44. I can make a dang good fire




What do you love about yourself????


What is to give light must endure burning. -Viktor E Frankl


Last night my sweet sister and I had a great discussion about love.  Specifically making the choice to love ourselves.  I am going through the toughest trial I have faced up to this point in my life.  My sister suggested that I take this trial as an opportunity to love myself the way I love others.  The way God loves me.  Which made me ask the question, How do I show love to myself?  If you have any ideas, please, feel free to share!  I think I have a good start.

I was listening to THIS song today.  I typically think of my Grandmother when I hear this song but today I thought of myself.  I imagine myself singing this song to myself -about myself. Below are the lyrics.

I never dreamed of this sorrow,
I never thought I’d have reason to lament,
I hoped I’d never know heartbreak,
How I wish I could change the way things went!
I wanted nothing but goodness,
I wanted reason to prevail,
Not this bare emptyness.
I wanted Days of Plenty.

But I refused to feel tragic,
I am aching for more than pain and grief.
There has got to be meaning,
Most of all when a life has been so brief.
I have got to learn something,
How can I give her any less?
I want life to go on.
I want Days of Plenty

You have to Believe,
There is reason for Hope.
You have to Believe
That the answers will come.
You can’t let this defeat you.
I won’t less this defeat you.
You must fight to keep her there,
Within you!

So Believe that she matters!
And Believe that she always will!
She will always be with you!
She’ll be part of the days you’ve yet to fill!
She will live in your bounty!
She will live as you carry on your life!

So carry on,
Full of Hope,
She’ll be there,

For all your Days of Plenty

“In the midst of greatest darkness, even a very small candle will provide a wide beam.  So it is with the Lord in the midst of our greatest trials.  Refining requires heat, but it also enables light.  In your black moments, look for the light of the Lord.  Consider this–  is the burning worth it if within the process you come to know His light?” –Emily Freeman


Amy grantI love this Album!  And for some reason I connect it with Christmas time.

This Scripture: Doctrine and Covenants 122:7

“And if thou shouldst be cast into the pit, or into the hands of murderers, and the sentence of death passed upon thee; if thou be cast into the deep; if the billowing surge conspire against thee; if fierce winds become thine enemy; if the heavens gather blackness, and all the elements combine to hedge up the way; and above all, if the very jaws of hell shall gape open the mouth wide after thee, know thou, my son, that all these things shall give the experience, and shall be for thy good.”

This picture taken in August:

photo 1-11

And this Song:



Love that does not break

A great theme of my life is love.  Love is a big deal to me.  I believe that love is power.  Meaning, it is through love by which all change occurs and good comes about.  I believe the source of all love is God.   I have spent countless hours reading and studying about what love is and what love is not.  I have learned from scripture and poetry, self-help books and text books, people and experiences.  I am by no means an expert on love…just one who wishes to love well.

This morning I read this about love:

“On the eve of his people’s horrifying destruction, Mormon fully realizes that there is no hope of his people turning back to God—yet still, he loves them “according to the love of God which was in me, with all my heart… nevertheless… without faith” (Mormon 3:12 and 5:2). And such is how God loves. In Enoch’s glimpse of God weeping, Enoch sees God love in naked vulnerability. It is love in the face of absolute loss. Love that bows to the agency of the Other, but does not break; rather, it draws. God the Father weeps out of love for his children and unfathomable pain at their suffering, and Christ the Son’s vulnerable, broken body lifted up on the cross has the power to “draw all men” unto himself —but not the guarantee ( 3 Nephi 27:14-15).”  See here.


LOTR and other things that are great

I never knew.  I just didn’t know I would be this kind of girl.  I mean, I kinda sorta remember the first time years ago and thinking to myself “I like that.”  But I just didn’t know.  Over the course of the past month I watched all The Lord of the Ring movies and now I am obsessed.  What is to be done?  Absolutely nothing.  Cause it’s awesome.  Below is one of my favorite scenes from The Two Towers. When I watched it I may have cried.  Secretly to myself.  I was just so touched.  There is good in this world and every little part of it is worth fighting for.


I also rediscovered this cover in my itunes:

This Book:


And this POST by my sweet friend Mallory!


Life is but a dream

When I have a bad day, if I am able, I watch Beyonce’s Documentary.  Haha.  I know.  I love it.  It always makes me feel better.  Strong women inspire me.  And I love me some Beyonce. I hope it can make your day better too.   xoxonicole


Things I am loving this week

 Miley has a new album out. I don’t care what anyone thinks. Go ahead and judge me.

You judge her.


and I am so into this cover of Wrecking Ball by AMY!  raise the roof


Troy.  Part of my trio.  I miss him and I love him.  Thanks for having my back.  Ps I am happy for you:)




My sister’s Tumblr:



This talk by Elder Jeffery R. Holland.  If you are christian (or not), if you are making or will make important decisions in your life please take the time to listen.  This will help.  I promise you.