The Art of Lonely

I believe in loneliness.  I was inspired by my mother to love being alone.  I am sure she has no idea she influenced this in me but I am grateful she did.  I remember growing up my mother would occasionally go see a movie by herself or out to eat alone.  So when I first moved out of state and had trouble making friends I started to do the same thing.  I would occasionally take myself out to eat or to the movies.  I have since gone on trips by myself, stayed in hotels by myself.  Shopping. Dates. To the theatre, to the museum, to the coffee shop.  Explored old buildings on a campus I do not even attend.  Gone on walks and to community classes. Hiking. Driving.  All alone.  “lonely is a freedom that breaths easy and weightless and lonely is healing if you make it.”

Below is a great little video on how to appreciate alonedom.




photo 4







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