Wakeup Calls

Some of my posts (and thoughts if you have been around me) recently have been a little negative.  If you haven’t picked up on that I will let you in the know:  I have been negative lately and been feeling very sorry from myself.  Well TWICE today I have been slapped in the face and snapped back into the reality of how good and blessed my life is.

The first wakeup call came when I read this blog post here.  I love this girl.  I read her book a few months ago and loved it.  My favorite book I read in 2012.  I was buying them and handing them out like candy.  Stephanie is about two years older than I am.  She is married and has 5 beautiful children.  A few years ago she was in a terrible accident that left most of her body burned.  She was not expected to live let alone live a normal life.  Her recovery has been brutal but her spirit has thrived.  Stephanie is an inspiration to me.  I love her honesty and willingness to talk about the hard things and the true thoughts in her head. She makes me feel normal.  If you are a woman, if you have ever felt ugly, judged, out of place….read her blog post.  You will feel gratitude in your heart and a lightness to your day.  Trust me on this.

My second wakeup call has left me devastated as well as reminded of my own mortality.  My friend Brennan has kidney cancer and it has spread to her lungs.  Brennan is 26 years old, two beautiful children, adoring husband and she is dying.  What?? My mind, my heart ROCKED.  Brennan and I sat next to each other in my very first class at BYU in my very first semester.  We have always kept an eye on each other.  A few years ago we bumped into each other.  It was great.  We got caught up in-person.  I remember leaving that encounter wishing I was her.  Young, so beautiful with a husband and children.  I wanted her life.  Just goes to show that we all have a trials and challenges. You just never know.

If you feel prompted to say a prayer or even fast for my friend Brennan and her family, please PLEASE follow that prompting.  I believe that the Lord has a plan for Brennan.  I hope and pray that that plan involves a miracle.

Brennan and her babies

Brennan and her babies

Ps  Happy Graduation day to Grandma.  I love you! xoxo


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