What I like about me…

For almost two years I have had a list posted above my bed.  This list is entitled “What I like about myself…”  Until recently there have only been four things on the list.  My roommate finally became irritated over this so she took it upon herself to add to the list things that I should like about myself.  I am glad she did.  Thank you Liz.  I love you.  Here is the list:

  1. My crazy hair
  2. My green eyes
  3. My ability to be myself
  4. My growing testimony
  5. My ability to love people
  6. My creativity
  7. My appreciation of beauty
  8. My patience with children
  9. My ability to set and accomplish goals

10. My willingness and love of service

11. My sense of style

12. That I am loyal

13. My willingness to try new things

14. That I honor and remember the dead

15. My ability to celebrate life

16. My feet

17. My smile

18. My figure

19. My ability to empathize

20. That I am proactive about self-improvement

21. My sense of humor

22. My ability to share Christ’s love

23. My ability to see people as God’s children

24. My love of animals

25. My desire to improve

26. My ability to apply and understand the Gospel

27. My love of road trips and travel

28. My ability to stay in-touch with people

29. My courage in being vulnerable

30. That I will ask questions

31. My ability to dream

32. My ability to hope and believe

33. My ability to listen well

34. I am confident

35. I am a good friend

36. My love for children

37. I am a good cook

38. I am creative in serving others

39. I am diligent in accomplishing hard things

40. I am good at giving and receiving gifts

41. I try to be humble enough to accept help for others

42. I have a good sense of color

43. I have a good sense of right and wrong

44. I can make a dang good fire




What do you love about yourself????

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